Inner Strength Protector - 14k Gold


To cut cords from the past and welcome the new.

The Inner Strength Protector is made from 14 karat yellow gold and has a 1 mm solitaire moissanite stone in the center of its heart.

The dagger represents strength and courage from within. The one who wears the dagger will be reminded of the power of the feminine energy we all have within us. For me, that means: getting in touch with your emotions, getting to know your true self, and finding the courage to live accordingly. 

Because the meaning of this pendant is special to me, I like to wear it on a necklace close to my heart. But the pendant can also be worn on a hoop earring.   


    • Solid 14 karat yellow gold
    • Solitaire moissanite stone
    • 2 cm length
    • 1 cm width
    • 1,5 x 2,5 mm bail

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