now available in 14k solid gold & 925 sterling silver

Inner Strength Protector dagger

The dagger represents strength and courage from within. The one who wears the dagger will be reminded of the power of the feminine energy we all have within us. For me, that means: getting in touch with your emotions, getting to know your true self, and finding the courage to live accordingly. 

Pendants are now available in solid 14k yellow gold and sterling 925 silver.

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Opal Collection

An Interview with Roza Dilan

The story of Dilly

Q: Tell us about your first memories of jewellery:

A: As a child, you could always find me standing in front of the display windows of jewellery stores, mesmerised by the shimmering jewellery pieces. I was enchanted by the beautiful jewellery my mother, grandmother and aunties wore.

By family tradition, a piece of jewellery is bought or gifted for special occasions in life. Therefore, the jewellery boxes of the women in my family fill up from birth ‘till the end, documenting a lifetime of experiences. 

Whenever I’d ask about their jewellery, I got to hear a story of the strong memories and emotions behind their valuable pieces. It reminded them of their childhood, romantic endeavours, and milestones or served as a keepsake to draw strength from in times of hardship. The stories that impressed me the most were about the celebratory jewellery pieces they bought for themselves. 

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